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Fermentation with Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes: An Advanced Guide to Brewing SAM Fermented Secondary Products, 2nd edition (2004)
(book was available, when in publication, in both digital electronic form and printed/bound book form)

This book is no longer available. This book, along with my other books on this topics, were totally removed from the marketplace in 2010 or earlier because they were being extensively and flagrantly pirated by copyright violators, and for other reasons as well.

Note from Vinny: the book is NOT available from me. Please do not send me money (as so many have tried to do) in the hopes that I will send you a copy; I cannot and will not do that. Rather, if you insist upon sending me funds in the hopes that I will send you a copy of the book, I will accept the funds as a donation to support my work and will NOT refund or return the funds to the sender.

Here is the description for the 2nd (2004) edition:

This book is largely dedicated to coverage of advanced brewing techniques for secondary products fermented with syntropic antioxidative microbes of the SAM Type 4 category, that is, microbial consortia containing organic acid-producing bacteria and PNSB as the primary dominant members, for use in various applications in human health, animal health, agriculture, soil, compost, waste remediation, or other realms; it is intended for technically-proficient readers who are frustrated at times with the paucity and other limitations of information available elsewhere on fermenting (aka brewing) such secondary products.

Among other topics, the book offers detailed guidance on brewing high-quality, high phototrophe versions of activated SAM Type 4 cultures which have greater power and much longer shelf life than the traditional techniques most commonly used in this realm for "activating" or "extending" or "multiplying" such cultures (these "activated" versions have sometimes been generically known as "activated EM", "EM activated", "EM extended" or "Extended EM" across the world since 1984.) I have, in the period since the book was published, started referring to such advanced types of AEM as Super AEM, or SAEM. In the current (second) edition of the book, the superior types of activated cultures described are often referenced by the umbrella term "high-quality AEM"; I have since replaced that term with more meaningful and descriptive terms.

Much of the information in the brewing book will be material from the training courses and seminars which I have delivered to individuals and nutritional product companies across the world that need to know a lot about such matters quickly, and which I deliver as a consultant to producers and brewers, and nutritional vendors/distributors, of such SAM Type 4 products.  If you have sensed that I do not share everything that I know on my free public list groups, this is entirely true, because, among other things, the amount of trivial, distracting and misleading questions generated by disclosure of such information -- as well as the follow-up replies which would be required of me -- would be overwhelming.  And, quite frankly, much of this information simply does not belong in full public view; it is better imparted only to those persons who are technically knowledgeable and technically proficient who can really use it and who are committed and dedicated to the detailed work at hand. Thus, I long ago made the decision to stop sharing any advanced information on such topics on the public e-mail list groups because it invariably simply leads to chaos and trouble for many of the readers. Thus, an appropriate forum was needed for this information, and this current informational product was an attempt to address that need.

A more complete description of the offering follows:

This is an encyclopedic guide and handbook which may help you in brewing high-quality SAM Type 4 fermented antioxidant secondary products for human, animal, agricultural, waste and industrial use, particularly brews for human and animal ingestion. Are you an intermediate or advanced user or technician working with SAM Type 4 commercial products, or do you wish to move to the advanced level with ease? This book contains both basic and advanced information, aimed only at the intermediate and advanced technically-proficient user, and it includes recipes, ingredients, methods and techniques, for brewing very-high quality batches of SAM Type 4 brews (for human use), high quality versions of so-called AEM, aka, EMA, EM Extended and EM Secondary Solution, and also hints on making very high quality fermented solid/granular products such as bokashi or SAM Type 4-fermented grains for animal feed.  Also covers the topic of ormus elements in such cultures and brews.  Content goes well beyond that which I have offered on my websites and on the public list groups.


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