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Email List Groups on Esoteric Topics in the Sciences Which I Operate:
  • Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes & Ormus (SAM-Ormus): The SAM-Ormus group is devoted to discussion of syntropic antioxidative microbes (aka SAM), and the ormus-like properties of fermented brews made therefrom, including bio-transformation of minerals to ormus (aka ormes or monatomic or monoatomic) form. This group is focused only on syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM) and their ormus-like properties; if you are looking for a list group devoted to the uses of syntropic antioxidative microbes (SAM) in the realms of health, or agriculture, waste management, odor control or industry, then you will wish to join my SAM Apps (Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes and Applications) list group.

    The term "syntropic antioxidative microbes", or SAM, refers to microbes and microbial consortia (i.e., aggregate communities of anywhere from three to forty different microbes which work together cooperatively in a mutually-supportive community) that exhibit significant syntropic (i.e., anti-entropic or negentropic) and antioxidative properties. Some of the names by which various types of SAMs are referenced in the fields of health and agriculture across the world include: efficient microbes (EM), effective microorganisms, beneficial microorganisms (BM), Beneficial and Efficient Microbes (BEM), bio-syntropic microbes (BSM), Antiox Brew(s), OZA, Lanox Antioxidant Liquid, Vita Biosa, Compound Microorganisms (CM) and others. There are some microbial cultures found in the repertoire of the esoteric "preparations" used in Biodynamic farming which also exhibit SAM properties.--

  • Quantum and Subquantum Coherence: Devoted to the topic of coherence at the quantum and sub-quantum level sometimes called the "subtle energy" level. Learn more at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/QuantumQuiet/

  • Elixir Vitae: The focus of this list group is the Elixir of Life, aka Elixir Vitae, aka the Philosopher's Stone of Immortality and the Universal Medicine. The topic has, in the past, been discussed at times on some of my list groups such as Uber-Vitality and the Ormus-Like group. However, as interest in this area has grown, I decided to start this list group. While some might argue along the lines of "Don't the alchemy list groups and the ormus list group cover this topic well already?", my answer, as the owner of two ormus-related list groups myself, would be: "No, the focus of all of those list groups is far broader than just the topic of the Elixir of Life, and there is also the added fact that many of the larger and broader-coverage ormus-related list groups tend to exhibit a very high noise level, with a very low signal-to-noise level!" --

  • Exotic Energies and Devices: Devoted to energies and effects observed with various exotic "energy" technologies. This list group is intended to be a haven for sane researchers in exotic energy fields who have grown tired of the incredibly high noise level and the egregious lack of sanity and commonsense in most list groups and forums devoted to topics such as "subtle energy", "orgone energy" and "free energy"; each of these topics normally attract a large number of fanatical, irrational and incoherent "followers" and self-styled "experts" (some of whom are suicidal or homicidal, by the way!) This list group will be tightly managed to exclude 98% of the noise and psychosis so commonly found in this list groups and forums devoted to this field. Learn more at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/exotic-energies/

  • Jenny Cells: This list group is intended to be a haven for sane researchers in the realms of Jenny Cell-type aetheric energy technologies. This list group will be tightly managed to exclude 98% of the noise and psychosis so commonly found in the list groups and forums devoted to the realms of exotic energies, subtle energies and ormus-related topics. -- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JennyCell/

  • Ormus-PWT: Devoted to methods of creating ormus (aka monatomic or monoatomic) forms of elements or ormus-like effects via physical water treatments (PWT). That is, non-invasive, non-chemical, non-contact treatment of water or other liquids (i.e., juices, nutritional supplements, syntropic antioxidative microbial (SAM) brews, etc.) with field effects due to exposure to magnetic fields, electric fields or to any kind of traditional or non-traditional "fields" from rock dusts, rock powders, ores, crystals or other substances/emitters. While there are numerous list groups devoted to discussing the general topic of ormus elements, particularly ormus generated or isolated by chemical means, the purpose of this group is to provide a forum for discussing ormus and ormus-like effects due to non-contact, non-chemical, non-microbial field effects. -- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Ormus-PWT

  • Ormus-Like: Devoted to ormus-like effects observed from various non-traditional phenomena and technologies. By “non-traditional” I mean methods which do NOT involve the "old school" ormus traditional methods of fire, distillation, acid/base reactions or use of oxidizers. Non-traditional methods include: use of beneficial syntropic antioxidative microbes; magnetite effect ormus water; non-contact ormus-like subtle energy effects of various ores, minerals and gems on water; "aetheric energy" technologies; some high-voltage technologies; various 10th+ generation cold fusion electrochemical cells; pyramids, cones, and spirals of wire/metallic tubing; "orgone" technologies; and some forms of magnetic, electric or electromagnetic fields upon water. -- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Ormus-Like

  • Radiation Nutrition and Radiation Hormesis: The focus of this list group is health benefits from exposure to low levels of radioactivity from natural sources. This range of effects seems to often be casually referenced in the literature and on the web by the broader umbrella term radiation hormesis, but the reality is that the term radiation hormesis really only describes a U-shaped or J-shaped curve depicting the spectrum of effects of radiation upon living systems, and thus, strictly speaking, the realm of radiation health benefits is only a subset of the larger (and fully inclusive) umbrella realm/set defined by the term radiation hormesis. So, the focus of this list group is the beneficial health effects of exposure to radiation from natural sources, perhaps up to levels ranging from 8X to 300X the background levels of radiation found in most areas on the surface of our planet. A related focus of the list group will be the potential for creation of ormus-rich nutritional supplements by exposing water and foods to radiation from natural sources. Membership of this list group is restricted; to join this group, click on the "Join This Group" link on the list group home page at Yahoo Groups and state your intent and interest, and reason for wishing to join, in the "Comments to Owner" box. Requests sent without this information will not be accepted. -- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Radiation-Hormesis/

  • Alien Starship Maintenance & Repair: Devoted to the slightly-humorous discussion of alien starship (both inorganic and semi-organic) maintenance and repair, including the Dorgeon VAS models. Really... I plan to have fun with this new list group, and I also plan to allow the list group, along with the associated Alien Starship and Repair website, to meet a real need which has never before been addressed in an organized way by humans of this modern era. -- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AlienStarshipRpr

  • Time-Space Doorways: Devoted to the topic of time-space doorways, aka portals or stargates - how to design and build them, and locations of "naturally-occurring" time-space doorways or portals which are in operational condition. This list is designed to allow researchers as well as "wannabes" in the field of time-space doorways, aka time-space portals or stargates (aka star gates), to correspond and to share information with each other and to keep abreast of news in this odd field. -- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TimeSpaceDoor

  • UFO Beacons: Devoted to the slightly-humorous topic on how to design and build a "scalar" (aka quantum subspace) UFO homing beacons, alien starship beacons, and/or UFO detectors. This group allows researchers as well as "wannabes" in the field of alien starship attractors (aka alien starship beacons, aka UFO beacons or UFO attractors) and/or UFO detectors to share information with each other and to keep abreast of news in this strange field. -- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/UFOBeacon

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