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General Scientific, Including Industrial, Waste Remediation and Agricultural related Email List Groups Which I Operate:
  • Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes and Applications (SAM-Apps): This Syntropic Antioxidative Microbes & Apps (SAM-Apps) list group is devoted to discussion of syntropic antioxidative microbes (aka SAM) and their applications in the realms of human health, animal health, agriculture, odor control, waste management and industry.

    The term "syntropic antioxidative microbes", or SAM, refers to microbes and microbial consortia (i.e., aggregate communities of anywhere from three to forty different microbes which work together cooperatively in a mutually-supportive community) that exhibit significant syntropic (i.e., anti-entropic or negentropic) and antioxidative properties. Please note that, in nature, unlike in the artificial conditions usually found in the laboratory, microbes almost never exist alone as a single species (aka "strain") and rather, tend to exist only in microbial consortia consisting of from three to over forty different species.

    Some of the names by which various types of SAMs are referenced in the fields of health and agriculture across the world include: efficient microbes (EM), effective microorganisms, beneficial microorganisms (BM), Beneficial and Efficient Microbes (BEM), bio-syntropic microbes (BSM), Antiox Brew(s), OZA, Lanox Antioxidant Liquid, Vita Biosa, Compound Microorganisms (CM) and others. There are some microbial cultures found in the repertoire of the esoteric "preparations" used in Biodynamic farming which also exhibit SAM properties. --

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